• Australia
  • Randwick
  • 67 - 209 ()
  • Apartment
  • Mid-2021

In building a community that celebrates diversity of people and demographics, we’ve designed a mix of homes to meet the aspirations of many. Townhouses and terraces with their own front doors and gardens overlooking the street will converse with apartment buildings. Heights vary to blend organically with the surrounding established streetscapes. Continuing in the spirit of its past, Newmarket’s public spaces will bring the community together to enjoy its spectacular surrounds.

With over 5,000sqm of parks and open space, the landscape will pay homage to the history of the site through the recycling of materials, while conserving the grand old fig trees and heritage structures. Retail, dining and leisure precincts will make Newmarket a one-stop destination providing a thoughtfully curated selection of shops and restaurants for residents and visitors to enjoy.

The precinct will consist of a total of 642 dwellings with the first release Newmarket Residences features 128 apartments over two buildings.


154 Barker St, Randwick NSW 2031, Australia