As a property expert, Raeon has helped clients to build portfolio with a trusted developer through investing in international real estate with an extensive track record.

We deliver our unique one-stop services, including property market analysis, project marketing, property management, legal consulting, financial planning and immigration advice.

Property Investment

Raeon International provides a one-stop overseas property investment service to help you purchase any homes around the world with ease. We have a team of overseas real estate experts to tackle all the obstacles along your property investment journey. Contact us for a complimentary professional 1 on 1 consultation with our property specialists. We are here to walk you through your entire investment journey, from in-depth market insights to mortgage applications and beyond.

Maximize your investment by choosing Raeon International as your intimate overseas property investment companion, we offer:

• Personalized investment strategy analyses

• Tailor-made investment plans to multiply your real estates’ values in 10 years

• Comprehensive analyses on overseas property investment markets

Lettings & Management

Landlords can find the most suitable tenant by accessing our extensive tenant database and multiple marketing channels from Raeon.

We handle all the aspects of finding your perfect tenant including everything from tenant sourcing, rental assessment, and marketing to organizing maintenance works and more.

Financing Solutions

Financing overseas properties can be difficult and time consuming. You might need professional guidance to help facilitate the various financial products.

Mortgage is a crucial realm in property investment; a proper execution can boost your return.

Our property specialists can help you navigate the complexities of financing a property and adopt the best financing option suited to your needs.

• Finding an affordable mortgage that works within your budget

• Guiding you through a step-by-step mortgage loan procedure

• Analysing and forecasting the impact of your interest rate variables

Tax Consultation

To ensure the maximization of your investment returns, we will arrange tax and insurance experts for you.

To capitalize on profits for your overseas property, here are some allowable expenses landlords can claim:

• Mortgage interest

• Government rates and rent

• Company registry fee

• Landlord insurance

• Letting agents’ fees

• Miscellaneous such as bank charges and building maintenance costs

• Depreciation allowances


Migration partner:

John Hu Migration Consulting (http://www.yimin-visa.com)

Raeon International understands that it is complicated to assimilate into a foreign nation’s work or education environment, we will be there to alleviate your complications.

In partnership with the prominent immigration consultant agency, John Hu Migration Consulting (JHM). We provide unsurpassed migration and visa processing services for clients who wish to migrate to Australia, Canada, the UK and other hot migrating destinations.

With rapidly changing immigration policies over these countries, you will need a professional and reliable partner to offer you the most appropriate immigration solution. JHM covers extensive immigration services including:
• Immigrant Investor Programme
• Immigrant Entrepreneur Programme
• Skilled Immigration Programme
• Family Sponsorship Visa
• Working Visa
• Immigrant Nominee Program