Queen’s Wharf Residence

布里斯本, 澳洲

$550,000 澳元

單位面積 (平方尺):635 - 1755
單位面積 (平方米):59 - 163
完成日期:Q4 2023
發展商:Far East Consortium, Chow Tai Fook Enterpise, The Star Entertainment Group

Queen's Wharf Residence Brisbane - Raeon International

Invest in apartments in Queen's Wharf Brisbane, the world-class integrated resort in the heart of Brisbane. Raeon International offers you a chance to expand your global footprint with high-yield investment.

Make an intelligent investment in the most beautiful property in Brisbane at Queen’s Wharf.

The diversity of Australia is known to everyone. Its beauty is staggering and the sheer magnitudes of the landscapes are splendid. Amongst the many beautiful cities that make Australia, one that can set your spirits high is Brisbane. The capital of Queensland, Brisbane, happens to be known for more than just a couple of things.

Living in Brisbane gives you a chance to experience a sub-tropical climate, a relaxed lifestyle and a dynamic economy. It is a buoyant region and you will never tire of the hearty daily life here. You can grab the opportunity to live in Brisbane, Australia by investing with Raeon International. The company is based in Hong Kong and is known for creating outstanding projects overseas. Their latest project is Queen’s Wharf, Brisbane.

Raeon International

Raeon International is a subsidiary of the famous Far East Consortium International Limited (FEC), Hong Kong. FEC has long been participating in the development of projects since 1972. With over 40 years of experience, FEC is one of the leading property developers in Asia. Raeon was set up in 2014 and ever since it has been making dream homes across the globe. Raeon International specializes in developing commercial and residential projects. There are several global assignments that they have completed successfully in Malaysia, Macau, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, UK and Australia.

Raeon believes in delivering incomparable homes to the clients. The services of the company are comprehensive and the customers are always updated and informed about the progress of their project they have invested in.

Queens Wharf, Brisbane

Available for sale as 1, 2 or 3 bedroom, residences in Queens Wharf have the view of the river. Residents will be able to enjoy the amenities and modern luxuries in this beautiful residential offering in Brisbane. The apartments will be ready by 2023 and if you are interested in enjoying this beautiful lifestyle must get in touch with the developers immediately.

The Queen’s Wharf, Brisbane apartments is a humongous $3.6 billion development that will transform the lifestyle of the residents of this development.

There are more than 2,000 residential apartments to be built along with 50 bars and restaurants and 4 luxury hotels. The zone will collectively offer public space of more than 12 football fields.

Queens Wharf, Brisbane Residence

Apartments in Queens Wharf, Brisbane will be available in 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. Depending on the number of bedrooms that a client purchases the size of each apartment will vary from 635 to 1755 square feet. The residential apartments are located in a prime location at 8 Margaret Street, Brisbane. The expected time of the project completion is 2023. Some of the amenities the developers will provide the clients:

  • Car Parking
  • Cinema
  • Dining Room
  • Gym
  • Lounge
  • Wine Cellar
  • Barbecue Area

Invest With Raeon International

We could all have second thoughts about investing in a property abroad. However, Raeon International clears all your doubts and concerns in a face-to-face meeting. You can:

  • Discuss your property aspirations, budget and goals with our professional employees. All the employees at Raeon are equipped with the knowledge of the overseas project in Brisbane and will answer your property queries.
  • With the help of professional guidance from Raeon you will be able to make a smart investment in one of the most profitable ventures, in Australia.
  • Professionals at Raeon have years of experience in working with foreign investment plans. They help the clients to understand everything about the right procedures and documents required.
  • Based on the clients budget Raeon can create customized plans for them that could spread their cost over 10 years for ease of payment and acquiring of lucrative property.

Queens Wharf, Brisbane is a profitable investment to make overseas.

【萬眾期待 布里斯本Queen’s Wharf獨一無二地標性住宅項目 香港全球優先獨家發售 勢必掀起搶購熱潮】

💪🏻信心保證|項目由遠東發展、周大福企業、澳洲娛樂巨頭The Star三大財閥聯手打造,由籌備到落成歷時逾八年,信心實力之選
🌆無敵美景|樓高64層飽覽布里斯本河畔及Southbank 景色,迷人美景盡入眼簾
🏨酒店進駐|雲集多間星級酒店Ritz Carlton、Rosewood、 Dorsett及The Star Grand進駐,帶旺當地旅遊及就業


8 Margaret Street, Brisbane


+ -

Brisbane CBD

1 分鐘


+ -

Queensland University of Technology

8 分鐘


+ -

The Myer Centre

4 分鐘

Queen Street Mall

7 分鐘


+ -

Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

8 分鐘

Roma Street Parkland,

7 分鐘


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